• Direction, camera & editing :
  • Linus Mørk
  • Production :
  • Linus Mørk
  • Sound recordings :
  • Sound & Music :
  • Strarring
  • Orion Cervio

On blood and oil…

Our wierd quest is unfolding while our governments at home are bombing Iraq in their hunt for Evil-Doers and terrorists. The weapons of mass destruction, however, are not found. The evil witches of Zambia seem equally illusive, no matter how hard we try. The fact that their magical airplanes run exclusively on human blood adds a moral dilemma to our quest, and simply filming their magic seems impossible.

Is witchcraft just an image of fear? – the delusions of a supersticious people? Or is it ourselves, who haven’t understood the rules of the mythological theater we are staging?

As Orion and me desperately try to make sense of our failures, the war in Iraq and the American campaign again Evil-Doers intensifies – and it becomes increasingly clear to us, that neither the murderish quest for fuel nor the mythological symbols of fear are exclusively African.