The radical Pentecostal Christianity is the fastest growing religious movement in the world today, and it is spreading rapidly over the African continent. This spiritually vibrant form of Christianity is taking up the millennia-old battle with heathendom, trying once and for all to break the ancient alliance between the Ghanaians and their ancestral spirits.

In the process, the women of Ghana, who traditionally are revered as potential lovers of the gods and as links to the spirit world, are given a radically different role in the moralist worldview of modern Pentecostalism.

Traditionally Ghanaian women enjoyed authority and respect as mediators between gods and man, but the moralist Pentecostalism, promotes a patriarchal world view, where the spiritual receptivity of women is perceived as a weakness to the influence of the Devil.

In a village temple the priestesses invoke their ancestral gods and dance in trance possessed by the spirits. The demon hunter Bishop has formed a “spirit exorcism camp” where ancestral spirits are tracked down and exorcised. We follow Bishop as he joins with the Holy Spirit to reveal and expel spirits hiding in his congregation.

In the suburbs of Accra, crowds of spirit possessed Ghanaians walk through the streets as random bystanders gets caught by the spirit and fall into trance.

In a church, demonic forces has possessed a shy young girl, and the exorcists fight for hours in vain to expel it. At last they give up and send home the congregation, and as the mad howling of the girl continues, they call in their oldest exorcist. It is 7 years ago the last high priestess of the great snake god Ofu died. Now, Ofu has returned to claim a new bride. We join the ritual wedding ceremony, in which a young woman is initiated into the mysteries of the priestesshood of ancient West Africa.

With intensely raw and naturally dramatic footage, Ghana Possessed offers a rare and penetrating insight into a contemporary living religion where gods and spirits enter directly into people’s lives.