• Direction, camera & editing:
  • Linus Mørk
  • Production & Idea:
  • Linus Mørk & Anders Graver
  • Camera:
  • Anders Graver
  • Editing, manuscript & consulting:
  • Consodyne Buzabo
  • 35 min. . - Sold to DR2 - (2003-2007)
  • © 2005 Linus Mørk & Anders Graver

We meet “The Black Jesus”, a respected sorcerer, who lives in his own village with his 5 wives and 82 children and grandchildren. On a busy market in the centre of the capital Lusaka, quacks, necromancers and traditional healers are offering their services. The president of their organisation is fighting a complicated battle against both common African diseases, inflictions caused by witchcraft and Western scepticism. In the biggest University in Zambia, a teacher is lecturing and showing films about flying witches, and on a graveyard, a young, reformed witch explains how he used to dig up and eat corpses. Close by, an old woman is possessed and falls into a trance, in which she kills a goat by sucking out its lungs.

Meanwhile, an African anthropologists appeals to us to keep our eyes and hearts open and relieve us of our Western ideas about what is real and what is not.
Many different explanations are given as to what magic really is, but none of them are definate. Magic belongs to an aspect of human reality, which cannot be described objectively. A reality which from a Western point of view does not exist because Western eyes don’t see it.